HIPAA Compliant VDI for Healthcare

Your staff is more mobile and productive using virtual desktops secured at all endpoints

You gain precise control over users, devices and access. And, simplified HIPAA compliance

VDI Benefits


Data Armor® Security

Business Continuity

Cost Savings

Optional OLIVE Helps further increases staff efficiency with productivity apps, faster provider, ICD-10 code & Rx lookups and fewer repetitive workflows & administrative tasks.

You Can Rely On Us

TOTAL Data Security

10 Years Experience



Special Offer

System Requirements

A high Speed Internet connection (which we can help you select) Other requirements are identical to those of your current QuickBooks installation


All you need is 15 minutes: five minutes to install QuickBooks and 10 minutes to explore multi-monitor PowerViews, side-by-side comps, new photo tools, you name it. You’ll like what you see.

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