How we enabled this manufacturer of CAD-designed custom parts to work with its clients in the cloud

Several years ago my company wanted to run CAD in the cloud so we could work in real time with our clients in data-sensitive industries. I called numerous data centers throughout the U.S. and chose Chi Networks to get CAD running securely in the cloud for us. They gave us high-performance bandwidth routers and switches to support our unique CAD software requirements. Chi Networks has helped us grow. For my money, their combination of service and value remains unparalleled in the industry.

David Griffeth, CEO, 1st Peak Manufacturing Solutions
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The Advantages of Running
Siemens NX in the Cloud

More Productivity

Stronger Security

More Convenience

Lower Costs

You Can Rely On Us

TOTAL Data Security

10 Years Experience



Special Offer

System Requirements

A high Speed Internet connection (which we can help you select) Other requirements are identical to those of your current QuickBooks installation


All you need is 15 minutes: five minutes to install QuickBooks and 10 minutes to explore multi-monitor PowerViews, side-by-side comps, new photo tools, you name it. You’ll like what you see.

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