Repatriate Servers. Or Work with a Reliable Non-Monopoly Cloud Provider.

OK, so cloud costs are soaring, as the above graphic shows, and you’re annoyed as heck.

Why? Among other things, the AWS/Azure cloud duopoly is hiking prices as high as the market will allow. (And these two behemoths account for 51% of all cloud spending.)

In response, some companies are looking to reduce soaring cloud costs by repatriating (or returning) some or most of their workloads from cloud servers to servers maintained on premises.

But repatriation is a huge hassle. Deciding which servers to repatriate and then bringing them home can be a formidable task. It’s “a non-starter” for companies lacking the IT staff to complete server repatriation – including the rewriting of code – as Sarah Wang and Martin Casdado say in a recent, in-depth investigation of repatriation.

True, cost savings are indeed substantial when repatriation is done right. Wang and Casado report that “Several experts we spoke to converged on this “formula”: Repatriation results in one-third to one-half the cost of running equivalent workloads in the cloud.

But for companies not equipped or wanting to deal with the complexities of repatriation, there’s a safe and cost-effective alternative. It is to work with a reliable MSSP whose monthly prices run from 20% to 40% lower than those of AWS and Azure.

They do exist, and Chicago-based Chi Networks is one of them. It keeps IT systems running smoothly and ransomware-free for its 600+ Enterprise and SMB customers worldwide. And its live no-hold, no-wait 24/7 expert tech phone support creates a company/MSSP relationship that the duopolies can’t come close to matching.

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